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We deliver connoisseur human capital solutions with highly qualified professionals in virtually every functional discipline. Our process-oriented approach (search design) is a multi-layer practice and includes – Position Analysis, customizing search Plan, Validation Process & Candidate Sourcing, Candidate Engagement and Post Joining follow-up.

We also provide jobseeker support for those individuals who know their aspirations however need professional support to realize them. We believe that a properly managed solution provider/ process will add immense value to you and give you the liberty to concentrate on your core area of work.

Ishha Ajmera

Ishha Ajmera has a working experience of more than 15 years with top ecommerce companies, prior to starting White Crow Consulting in 2011. Having started in a garage office and serviced leading names in Banking, Insurance, Consumer Durables, Ecommerce space, she is confident to add value to whichever professional space she steps in.

To her near and dear ones, Ishha is a strict disciplinarian with clear priorities defined in everyday life. She is a firm believer that every individual has the potential and capability beyond their realization and is committed to work with them to “being the best version of themselves.”

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We, at White Crow Consulting strongly believe that talent has to be routed and engaged through the right channels. We offer pioneering and well-scrutinized staffing and selection services, with focus on leadership hiring / middle and senior level talent requirements. Our Multi-layer talent acquisition support comes with Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services, Temporary Staffing Solutions and Third-party Payroll support.


Our process-oriented approach (search design) is a multi-layer practice and includes – Position Analysis, customizing search Plan, Validation Process & Candidate Sourcing, Candidate Engagement and Post Joining follow-up

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There is a popular saying “Luck favours the prepared”. At White Crow we believe in methodical grounding before the final deliberations. Our extensive approach to help jobseekers lay out a career path comprises of identifying best suited career opportunities, equipping them with Training and Internships, market-research oriented CV writing/Resume designing services and Interview Preparation Techniques. Our array of offerings is for those who need help in specific areas or even those who require overall help in finding employment.


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Right from creating your resume to modifying profile on Professional Networking Platforms to augmenting content – our teams of experts will help position you in your network / professional journey.

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Life begins at the end of comfort zone! Coaching is product development, where you are the product.

It’s a thought-provoking and creative journey that would inspire you to maximize your personal and professional potential, its imperative and critical in today's uncertain and complex business environment.

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Our Clients

Having worked with over 100+ start-ups on building their core teams, WCC has served various MNC’s.


White Crow Consulting has been an able and proactive partner in our Talent sourcing efforts since October, 2019. They have been resourceful in ensuring our differentiated AI CoE story imaged correctly with candidates. We have found the White Crow consulting team extremely supportive and we are very happy to work with them.

Devesh Nayel Chief Operating Officer, AI start-up

Writing a recommendation for Ishha is a pleasure. Having associated with her for coaching services I can confidently say that she is systematic, deeply articulate and highly passionate about each assignment irrespective of its magnitude.

Raviyanki Sesodia Strategic HR Business Partner

The personal steps that I took during and after the coaching sessions with Ishha will remain entrenched within me for life. She is a wonderful coach and an excellent human being, and i wish her all the best.

Sunit Vijh Corporate Executive and Ex-Indian Army

During the course, I hit a roadblock one day and reached out to a senior, the reply I received was a shot in the dark. Ishha reached out to me offering her assistance which I willfully agreed to. She articulated her professional capacity and actually heard me out, making notes for me and probing where she needed more information. She got a gist of the issue and could pin point briefly my concerns in the first interaction itself. She mentioned her approach and we settled for it. The miracle was just speaking my mind out got me all I needed to clear the roadblock. I really appreciate Ishha for helping me through this journey. Thank you. All the best to you. God Bless.

Pearl C Business Development a leading Recruitment Firm

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